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Wentworth M Johnson

Bill Reyner Mystery Adventures

Q? What is your philosophy of writing? WMJ: Simply good honest believable stories. Reality encapsulated in a fictional scenario. Q? What's the name and genre of your first book? WMJ: The title is Fiend's Gold and the genre is Mystery Adventure.

My life's work

Everywhere you go – keep your eyes open and you’ll see a tale on every street. If you’ve read any of my books you will have noticed I don’t like to go into great detailed descriptions. The reason for this is I believe anyone who reads a book must have some imagination or they’d be watching TV.

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Strangely I prefer to write science fiction especially if time travel is part of it, but Bill won’t let me alone.

Fiction or Reality?

Who is Bill Reyner

Bill is the reluctant hero with the Midas touch. He is tall, powerfully built and quick to action. He is basically lazy and would prefer to stay at home, but Gran and Newf always manage to fire up his dynamo.

Real Life and Fiction

At present I live in Canada in the shadow of the Niagara Escarpment. I have lived in several countries, in Africa, Europe and the Far East. The interesting things I have seen and heard and been part of do affect my writing as I can recall the actions.

Ambience of Reality

Before writing any Bill Reyner story I actually go there, the very places where the action takes place. Sometimes I change the names, as they say, “to protect the innocent.” There is nothing like the ambience of reality to encourage imaginary actions.

Bill Reyner Mystery Adventures

I wrote 10 Books in the series starting with Fiend's Gold. They are all available in print format and kindle format.

A Few Words About Me

Canadian Author of Bill Reyner Mystery Adventure Series

Some people ask me, “Why Bill Reyner?” I suppose that’s a good question, as I don’t really have an answer. I like Bill, but I think I like poor old Newf more. Bill’s a little bit of a bully and a show-off, whereas Newf merrily winds his way through life absorbing Bill’s derogatory remarks. Bill has a knack of finding trouble – he’s the magnet and disasters are the iron filings. If there’s any problem in any neighbourhood Bill will surely stumble into it. I particularly enjoyed writing Lions and Christians. For some reason that story just flowed, I could see every detail through my mind’s eye.

What should happen to Wilson? Is poor Bill up to it? Can the Canadian Air Force do anything? And the Major ... don't get me started.

In Damp Graves Bill was up against a man of high intellect but nonetheless managed to confuse him into making mistakes, even so Newf was the hero and actually did all the rescuing.

I think the Dutchman is my second favourite. The story is loosely based on the London gold robbery. In the Dutchman my bad guys were smarter. I visited the area and the church in question. I had a ball along that wonderful Norfolk coast. Bill fell head over heels in love with a girl from a local post office. In real life I met her, she was magnificently beautiful, but one early morning when I went to buy my breakfast, (yes from the post office.) I saw her kissing another woman. Well, I just had to introduce her to Bill, not that the real girl would ever know.

I’m so excited ... I've just finished the tenth story in the Bill Reyner Mystery series, The Agency.


Wentworth M Johnson

Canadian Author

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10 Bill Reyner Adventures

A ferry ship took us to the Orkney Islands, where we stayed several nights and visited many of the adjoining islands. The idea of a story came to me, the islands and the island people would make a perfect backdrop.