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They do say, “A man is the sum of his experiences.” It’s difficult to write about something if it is purely imagination. Sometimes reality is totally different to what you would think. In the mid 1960’s I went to East Africa – my vision of Africa was what I had seen in the Tarzan movies. I expected everyone to live in grass huts, and there would be jungle and wild animals everywhere, and of course it would be stinking hot. Hmm! We landed at Embakasi Airport, a very modern place with no grass huts, now it is known as Kenyatta International. Nairobi is on a hilly plane just above the Rift Valley. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful – vast open spaces with occasional trees or thorn bushes. The temperature hovers around 70° F or around 20° C – all day every day.

Wentworth M. Johnson (born 1939) is a Canadian writer. He was born in the town of March, Cambridgeshire, England. W.M. Johnson is the great grandson of William Edward Bourne 1851-1925 (Playwright, dramatist and theatrical producer). Johnson has published newspaper and magazine articles, as well as a number of fiction and non-fiction books. In the RAF Wentworth M. Johnson worked with the Gurkha regiment reclaiming Borneo after it had been invaded by Indonesia and later as navigator with 1125 Marine Craft unit, chasing pirates in the South China Sea. Spent two years in Nairobi on international communications and handed the small station over to the Kenyan Army. Leaving the Royal Air Force in 1967 Wentworth M. Johnson immigrated to Canada and worked in a lumber factory for a short while. He then spent five years working in a munitions factory and laboratory. After a disagreement with the boss, he walked out and immediately got a job with a local television station and worked there for some twenty-eight years, until taking early retirement in the year 2000. Since his retirement Wentworth M. Johnson has spent his time building flying scale model aircraft, playing the bagpipes and several other woodwind instruments, collecting British postage stamps and of course he has continued to write. As an author Wentworth M. Johnson’s lifelong passions have been writing and English history from Roman times to the present.



















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