Some really weird things happen as you move through life. You may sometimes wonder if there is someone watching over you. I can easily believe the poor Greeks as they thought the gods amused themselves with the people beneath them. An example of that – I was walking along the cliffs at a place called Hunstanton.

This particular spot was about sixty feet to a very rocky beach. Suddenly a puff of wind took my hat – instinctively I grabbed for it and found myself with no visible means of support. Needless to say I had to succumb to nature and gravity. I clearly remember the flight down, but have no recall of the landing. Getting back to the Greek gods, I can imagine how they must have laughed as I landed flat on my back on the only part of the beach that had no rocks. I neatly fitted in-between them. Thank you Zeus, or Poseidon or which one of you who guided me down to a safe landing. In my bathroom above the mirror are two lights in the same fitting. Gives a good light for shaving. Several years ago we went over to those confounded curly lights – miniature neon tubes. One of the bulbs went out, thus making shaving one side of my face difficult. Cursing under my breath I gently unscrewed the offending device. A very weird thing happened. Now if any of you readers are of the scientific type I would be interested in an explanation. You see I took the bulb out of the socket, and as I looked at it – totally disembodied from the power source, the damn thing lit up right there in my hand.

Although the illumination was only brief, it was quite bright. I bunged it back into the socket and hey-presto it now works perfectly. You only need two miracles for sainthood. I’ll write the Pope and request canonization.

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