Pretty Girls

How come every book of the Bill Reyner series has a good-looking girl on it except one – Mania? Now that’s an easy one – in fact all books of the series have a beautiful girl on the cover. Fiend’s Gold depicts an unsettling blond. She’s beautiful and unpredictable as Bill quickly found out.

In Mania the front cover depicts the unfortunate little Mary Bean, she was murdered by the cult and buried in the forest.

Forman Roy found the skull. With Edinburgh Cuckoos we only show the sexy leg of a hostile and gun toting Scottish woman who fools Bill into thinking she’s his friend. Meall McLean is friendly, sexy, willing and polite, but turn your back and your dead. When Bill looked into the mystery of a vanishing Jean Williams, he runs into an evil genius who trades in spare body parts. Poor Jean is on the cover. Damp Graves refers to the disposal of the unwanted body pieces. Now Lions and Christians is a fun story, where Bill gets into loads of trouble, but like all good heroes he comes through in the end. This time the girl is a lovely Chinese woman. The very serious woman on the cover of The Canadian is in fact Bill’s mentor and sometimes his tormentor, Jane Overland. The Dutchman is much brighter and sports a lovely American Miss with the stars and stripes. She is of course Deloris Sondecker, one of the captain’s many willing young assistants.

I didn’t want to use Deloris twice so when it came to The Mermaid, I made use of the motorcycle gang’s moll. I thought she looked nice, even though her master was not. Although Bill tries to be a good businessman he can’t make up his mind what business he wants to be in – helicopters, airlines, mining, or even detective work. But with a little push from almost everyone he makes a million out of the three inventors who created The Magnuscarter. The cover is a depiction of the dead girl found in the snow. Lastly, we have The Agency, the newest one in the series. The cover picture is the pitiable mindless Pauline Eldridge who Bill rescues - oh, wait a minute, maybe it’s the other way round? Keep your eyes peeled, for The Agency, it should be on the market any minute now. Excitement, murder and mystery abound, but Bill comes to the rescue.

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